Anyone tried doing a manual IACV?

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Anyone tried doing a manual IACV?

Post by WRXish »

I am having issues with my idle speed and after partially disassembling an old one I had off of the 25D that I just rebuilt and put in the car, I thought that might be a solution to a fairly widespread problem. Buy a manual choke kit like people used to use on american carbureted engines and hook it up to a modded IAC. If you take the solenoid off the top you are left with a shaft exposed that turns a 1/4 turn to open or close the air bleed. Why not do it manually and set the desired idle speed for the current conditions. Fast idle for start ups, low idle for fully warmed up, partial fast idle when AC is on, you get the idea. Seems like a fix to some of the erratic idle problems that some folks experience. Any comments? Anyone want to help develop this as a useful mod?
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Re: Anyone tried doing a manual IACV?

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Are you wanting to make it controllable via a separate controller o knob or "manual" like physically move a cable?

I know your situation may be unique but my suggestion would be to fix the problem rather than the symptom.
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