Manual Seat Belts

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Re: Manual Seat Belts

Post by ride_child »

whelp this is in my wagon, should it be in the same location?

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Re: Manual Seat Belts

Post by Legacy777 »

I know I'm late to the party, but can tell you what I've found.

So the seatbelt computer also controls the key chime. So I did not want to eliminate the seat belt computer. I bought a manual seat belt computer to swap in to retain the light and key chime, however there are some slight differences that would require some wiring changes. I never got around to the wiring changes, so in the mean time (going on several years) I just pulled the pin for the seat belt light out of the seat belt computer harness. If I ever get around to swapping the seat belt computers all I have to do is put the pin/wire back in the connector and things should work fine.

In just using the auto seat belt computer, the key chime works and the only issue I get every now and then is the seat belt computer relays go a little crazy and click a few times. Hopefully life will slow down at some point and I can work on the car again, but I don't have grand delusions that will happen any time soon.
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