Fuel filler pipe replacement suggestions

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Fuel filler pipe replacement suggestions

Post by silver03 »

...on our 94L awd wagon. I ordered one from Filler Neck Supply that arrived in less than a week for $95. Ours had a number of pin hole leaks and larger in the goose neck portion of the neck and leaked steadily. What I learned:

-I am going to remove that plastic protective sleeve annually and get the debris out of it. Ours most likely had never been removed and was packed with dirt which accelerated the rotting away of the OEM one.
-We started soaking all the bolts/clamps we could see as well as the 3 screws that hold the filler neck up by the filler about a month in advance with PB Blaster. A definite good move.
-All the bolts are a 10mm
-The toughest part of the job was wrestling with the breather hose getting it off the old filler neck and back on to the new one. Spring clamp remover worked great. There is just not a lot of working room up there.
-We applied generous amounts of WD40 in and around the hoses to filler connections to help get the old hoses off and the new ones on easier. Worked awesome.
-We live in Minnesota and as much as I wanted to coat the new filler neck prior to installation with a some sort of bed liner...we couldn't due to temperature. I will this spring.
-The fitment of the piece from FNW was ok at best. It would not reach the firewall flush. We had to use a longer bolt with a spacer behind it to get it to fit snugly. The replacement piece also did not come with the mounting tab welded on it on the gooseneck. Not a deal killer
-We installed the breather piece first. We separated it from the filler neck to do so and reconnected after the filler neck was in.
-You need to reuse the filler gasket up at the opening where the gas pump goes in. The new piece does not come with one.
-Goggles and gloves. About 2 cups of gas came out when removing the old neck
-It took us about 1 1/2 hours
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Re: I replaced a fuel filler neck a couple of days ago

Post by rallyak »

I just did the one on my moms car, fun times.
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Re: Fuel filler pipe replacement suggestions

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Thanks for the info, I think that will be helpful!

I usually will flip that plastic thing out every now and then to get the rocks and debris out so it doesn't hold moisture up against the pipe.

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Re: Fuel filler pipe replacement suggestions

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Remove guards, under-body coat the new one and install
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