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As requested, here are some commonly used abbreviations found on the bbs:

WOT - Wide open throttle
DRL - Daytime Running Lights
PTFB - Part throttle full boost
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
MBC - Manual Boost Controller
EBC - Electronic Boost Controller
FCD - Fuel Cut Defender
ICE - In Car Entertainment
5MT - 5-speed Manual Transmission
4EAT - 4-speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
CES - Custom Exhaust Systems
DP - Downpipe
TMIC: Top-Mount Intercooler
FMIC: Front-Mount Intercooler
LSD: Limited Slip Differential
FWD: Front Wheel Drive
AWD: All-Wheel Drive
SS: Sport Sedan
BC: 1990-1994 Subaru Legacy Sedan VIN ID.
MY##: Model Year (year's last two digits)
ECU: Electronic Control Unit
NA: Naturally Aspirated
EJ##: Subaru name for engines. EJ22: Engine in 1989-1994 Legacy's. EJ22T: Engine found in USDM Subaru Legacy SS's from 1991-1994. EJ18: Found in Impreza's. EJ25: Found in later Legacy's, Impreza's, Foresters, etc.
TT: Twin-Turbo
CEL: Check Engine Light
EDM: European Domestic Market
JDM: Japanese Domestic Market
USDM: US Domestic Market
A/C: Air-Conditioner
SOHC: Single Overhead Cam
DOHC: Dual Overhead Cam

FTW: For the win
TTIWWOP: This thread is worthless without pictures
IIRC: If I recall correctly

WTB: Want to buy
WTT: Want to trade
WTS: Want to sell
FS: For Sale

Thanks to Splinter and Manarius for the assistance. Post here to help add to this thread.
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