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20 years of Legacy Central

Post by DLC » Thu May 16, 2019 4:11 pm

I first posted about my 1990 Legacy L+ back soon after I got it in 1999. February 5th I posted the following:
I went in to the Q-Lube that I used to work at today. I changed the fluids in the rear differential, final drive and auto transmission. For a vehicle with nearly 90k miles, I don't think any of them have ever been changed. If they had ever been drained, it was some time ago, and they sure did need it again. There are perks with knowing the manager at a lube shop, you get great discounts (read: free) services that would cost you a lot otherwise. If you haven't changed the fluids in your boxes recently, do it, nothing is more important for the reliable operation of your AWD system than to keep clean fluid in them.
This year is 20 since I posted that. I haven't owned a Subaru for a few years now, for various and sundry reasons, but that doesn't mean I don't look at the nice Forester XT, BC Legacy, BP Legacy GT, WRX STI, or even the odd Crosstrek.

It started as something for me, and turned in to something for you. I'm good with that.

Thanks to Josh, all of the moderators, and the excellent community we've made here.
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Re: 20 years of Legacy Central

Post by originalcyn » Thu May 16, 2019 4:49 pm

Best car community I've had the pleasure of being a part of.

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Re: 20 years of Legacy Central

Post by Legacy777 » Thu May 16, 2019 7:05 pm

Agreed, out of all the communities that have come and gone and I participated in; this is the one I keep coming back to and is close to my heart. That is not only because I still have my 1990 Legacy, but because of the BBS's members. They make this community what it is.

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Re: 20 years of Legacy Central

Post by Omega79 » Fri May 17, 2019 10:20 pm

Agree with it all. Such fond memories that I now have 2 more "BC"s. A '92 SS and a 93 n/a wagon :)

An endlessly helpful friendly community, solid cars that I am very familiar with now and know their quirks. My wife and I decided we don't want new cars anymore. Selling our newest car while it still holds some value and will daily the 2 Legacys instead!
lucas wrote:There were multiple Legacys with 300k+ miles. Jesus will return on a Turbo Lego.

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Re: 20 years of Legacy Central

Post by allnines' » Sun May 19, 2019 9:53 pm

I parted ways with my last first gen. Leggy-a BC last year-I'm in the middle of "rebuilding"-read-she was a very neglected GF '96 impreza. Close as I'll get to another first gen. Leggy. So, on that note-I'll still head to this AWESOME FORUM :-D
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