Recent posts by non-legacy people trying to sell crap

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Recent posts by non-legacy people trying to sell crap

Post by dscoobydoo »

Any chance we can implement some rules about the recent phone crap vendors on here?

Something like any selling post has to be on the parts forum, and anyone who has less than X number of posts can't sell anything yet.

I hate these people who just spam-flood the internet.
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Post by evolutionmovement »

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe make a 5-post minimum to start a thread. I realize there's the potential for newcomers to go off-topic (as none of us old timers EVER do!) on other threads if they first come here looking for a quick answer (though almost everything's been covered). The spammers may just post their crap into a thread as well, but maybe it will reduce it or, like The Club on a steering wheel dissuading a thief, the inconvenience of the minimum post count will move them onto another site without the requirement. Might be the best bet until someone invents a way to stab spammers in the sack via internet.
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Post by DLC »

The best I can do right now with this older version of the software is to just delete the user, move the posts, and ban the email address.

When I'm comfortable with the new version, I'll be upgrading. SLi uses it, and it's got a lot of really nice features.
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Post by Adam West »

Or even folks selling VW stuff!!

I like 5 post min to post in parts shed idea.
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Post by Legacy777 »

They're spammers, and they get deleted. We can deal with it until the bbs gets upgraded.
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Post by Smithcraft »

Trying to create controls on bogus accounts that aren't even human is the funniest idea I've heard all week!

As for implementing something where someone can't start a thread until they've posted x times is also a bad idea.

The more ways you try to restrict the criminals of the internet, only ends up restricting legitimate users.

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Post by Lunatech »

^+1 for what SC says. Maybe it could be set up so new members can only post after they use the search function at least once. That wouldn't be so much to require IMHO.

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