New buyer Tune Up Guide

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New buyer Tune Up Guide

Post by Turbo_Carl »

I think it would be helpful to have a tuneup guide for members who just joined our community.

Aside from the obvious, plugs, wires, fluids, filters etc...

Here are some other things I've done.

Inspect intake for cracks (found one and patched it)
Inspect all vacuum connections
Replace Coolant Temp Sensor
Replace Knock Sensor (A bad knock sensor can cause detonation to go unnoticed and destroy your engine. Even if you think it's good, it's only $40)
Inspect wiring connecters / add connector grease if desired (make a list of ones that need to be replaced)
Make sure all fuses are pushed in and secure

Fuel filter... A lot of people may overlook this. I bought my car last month and the fuel filter was from 2009! Four years old! The fuel coming out of it looked like Waffel House Coffee. Just replacing this took care of my hard start issue, added 50 miles per tank, and made throttle response and idle perfect.

Things that you should do in the near future
If you have a 5MT Legacy, get the Extra-S gear oil. It's worth the extra money, and was made specifically for your transmission. I have heard nothing but good things about this gear oil.

Replace shifter bushings. Mine are terrible. You want your shifter to be as tight as possible when in gear, and not moving around so bad you think it's in neutral.
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Re: New buyer Tune Up Guide

Post by Legacy777 »

This is a good idea. What I would suggest is to just start a new thread in the engine forum and I will add it to the engine forum sticky thread. Folks can add to it as they see fit.
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Re: New buyer Tune Up Guide

Post by James614 »

Definitely a good idea to add to the sticky. Seeing this made me realize that I forgot to replace my fuel filter when I bought my TW. In 2007. Whoops. And I remember thinking it looked at least 2-3 years old back then.
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