Let's refresh the banner pics.

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Let's refresh the banner pics.

Post by robertpaige »

I think we should add some new additions to the banner pics. I say everybody submit 1 (ONE) picture of their car in a reply and the admins could maybe pick the best 10 pics to add to the header?

Just a thought.
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Re: Let's refresh the banner pics.

Post by Dominator »

I like this idea. I can help with the photo editing and getting them to the correct dimensions and format. Just let me know if I can help.
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Re: Let's refresh the banner pics.

Post by James614 »

I think it'd be cool if everyone who could submit and appropriate pic could get their car up there. But alas, I know people have lives and that's probably a lot of time to a pet project.
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Re: Let's refresh the banner pics.

Post by subaru_styles »

yeah mine is super old, however I suck at the whole editing thing
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