Philips LED map light conversion

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Philips LED map light conversion

Post by major_tom »

Hey y'all!

I recently had to replace the interior map lights in my Legacy due to age - which makes sense, given the age of these old Toshiba bulbs I extracted from the sockets (perhaps even originals!)


These bulbs came ordered from Amazon, which said they were an exact fit. They are Philips DE3175. I was skeptical but willing to put my money up to find out if they were, in fact, useful to our community. Turns out they are drop-in replacements - they appear to contain 3 blue/white LEDs and mount up correctly, if directionally. Note the heat sink on the back - the light will only emit from the translucent side obviously



Let there be light! These LEDs work great and add a touch of modernity to our vintage machines. I paid $23 for both (they are Prime eligible).


Also, here's a bonus shot of my old battle wagon - only 5k short of the magic 300k!

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Re: Philips LED map light conversion

Post by mike-tracy »

Very cool mod! I've had El cheapo LED's in the main cabin light, left that light on over night, and came to a car that still started in the morning. The less power draw alone is worth it for me
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Wait....I'm confused now.

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Re: Philips LED map light conversion

Post by Legacy777 »

Very cool! I've thought about LED upgrading things, but hasn't been high on my priority list.

Thanks for testing these out!
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Re: Philips LED map light conversion

Post by kimokalihi »

Me too but don't bother with the ones at the auto parts store. I've tried those and they're too dim.
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