440cc fuel injectors

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Re: 440cc fuel injectors

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speezly wrote:
farfrumwork wrote:Putting higher flow injectors in a otherwise stock, or even somewhat modified EJ22 (i.e. your car) will not give you any power. In fact it will most likely cause your motor to run horribly (very rich).

Larger injectors can ALLOW for more power, but do they do not GIVE power unless the motor is starved for fuel. Use the $ some other way. :)
Thanks for the info. I do not plan to keep the engine stock for long, but do plan on keeping it n/a and want to explore my options. I had read somewhere about larger injectors paired w/ upgraded pistons/rods producing power in n/a ej22s. Is this false info?
What's your budget for engine management? $500+? $1000+? More? You'll need it to run a higher compression build on an n/a motor and not blow it up, on your $2000 or less non-turbo car. Not meaning to be an ass, but on n/a cars you really gotta pay to play. Course that applies to turbo cars as well, but the results can be had for much cheaper per HP.
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