wrx wheels

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wrx wheels

Post by slowjoe »

i never really liked how they looked on legacys before but now that i have them, they actually dont look too bad when cleaned up a bit. i think it may have been because i've been running old black steelies for the longest time and the bright silver catches the light quite a bit better. as for weight, the wheel and tire combos are pretty similar. i think. one of these days, i'll weigh them.
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Post by reddragons »

that's not really a review. but i digress
hmmmmm........ 94 turbo legacy maroon.

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Post by ericem »

lol now we now how used wrx rims are. =D
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Post by Aerotech »

16" WRX rims weigh 16 lbs and change...

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Post by AWD_addict »

My WRX wheels with 205/50-16 tires weighed the same as old steelies with 185/70-14's. In keeping with the theme of this thread, I don't have the actual weight #.
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Re: wrx wheels

Post by darkcrave »

Anything is better then 15s! Picking some 2002 wrx wheel up tonight
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Re: wrx wheels

Post by beatersubi »

darkcrave wrote:Anything is better then 15s! Picking some 2002 wrx wheel up tonight
15" wheels with low profile tires will have a smaller OD, which will provide a gearing advantage. Low profile tires (50 series) on alloy 15"s will be lighter also.
Only thing is that good tire sizes in 15" for performance are getting hard to find.
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