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 Post subject: Oxygensensors.com
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:02 pm 
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Not specifically Subaru related, but I had the top O2 go bad on my Mazda. Went to Autozone to get a generic and that doesn't work. Ditch the connector and hard wire it with crimp ons. Nope. Go to test with meter, but meter probe is broken. Try to get replacement. Youdoit Electronics (awesome place, BTW) is the only place with just probes. They don't fit because my meter is a cheap one. Back to Youdoit, which, though 40 miles or so away, is thankfully on my way from work. Buy a decent meter this time. Test power. 2.7V. Dammit, this is a widefriggin'band sensor, which I didn't know came in 4-wire. Dealer wants about $300. Nope. I find out about oxygensensors.com, which I had probably known about but forgotten. Try to order, but the 2006 Mazda3 is supposed to be a 5-wire and I have a 4. However, 2005 shows a 4-wire. I call up and they tell me to get the part # from the dealer to crosscheck. First dealer gives me a bogus part number because I obviously wasn't ordering from him (dealership where I got the car, incidentally). Second dealer gives me a number that works. Annnnd it doesn't match the 2005 4-wire they have at oxygensensors.com. I talk to an engineer at Walker somewhere in here and we're finally able to figure out that my car is CA emissions, not Federal, even though I only have 2 O2 sensors, not the 3 that the drawings for the CA emissions cars show (friggin' Mazda!). I order the right one, $118, identical to the OEM one. Plug and play. Car runs swell. Through this, everyone I talked to at oxygensensors.com and Walker were very helpful.

Cliff Notes: they is real good.

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