Kartboy 1-Pot to 2-Pot adapter brakets

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Kartboy 1-Pot to 2-Pot adapter brakets

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ahem... My 4 hour brake upgrade turned into 12+ because of these things.

So what's the deal? You get the standard kartboy packaging. Lame sticker with l337 speak, cheap looking internal wrenching bolts and the brackets.

The brackets themselves look like nicely machined pieces. They are machined to tight tolerances. When you (finally) bolt them onto the car they are something to appreciate. Its a convoluted little space they are shaped to fill.

Enough with the sunshine. The problem I had is that these precision brackets with their tight tolerances are machined to higher tolerances than Subaru. Their bottom side profile that mates up with the spindle did not exactly match my car. This caused the bolt holes to be out of alignment. I tried grinding my upright but it became obvious I was going to have to remove too much material so I elongated the holes (really lame solution).

What further exacerbates this problem is that the brackets are made out of aluminium. And the two holes in question are threaded aluminium. Kartboy opted not to helicoil these threads, which means they are instantly destroyed by cross threading, and when holes don't line up guess what you are prone to.

-------------------------BOTTOM LINE---------------------------

For the price Kartboy asks, these should fit perfectly out of the box. For the amount these things are hyped as a bolt on solution I was disappointed on how much effort it took to make them fit. Buyer beware, these may or may not work for you.
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Re: Kartboy 1-Pot to 2-Pot adapter brakets

Post by martimus919 »

I'm currently making brackets that will be a lot more affordable than the Kartboys and the install will be much easier as well.

Thanks for the review!
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Re: Kartboy 1-Pot to 2-Pot adapter brakets

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Yes, the custom fitment that everyone has to go thru....SUCKS!! If you drop 2 bills on brackets, they should fit like a glove.

I ended up grinding down the hub on my RS to fit the brackets.
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