Subaru OEM parts. . .

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Subaru OEM parts. . .

Post by Coyote »

I just bought a water pump and two thermostats for my '94 2.2l Legacys.

I have read at least two posts on the board that said they all come with gaskets. I'm sure that they did when the posters bought them, but I guess Subaru has changed their tune because mine came WITHOUT gaskets.

I got them from
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Re: Subaru OEM parts. . .

Post by Legacy777 »

The water pumps and thermostats never came with gaskets. If you are buying directly from Subaru you will need to buy the gaskets separately.

Some dealers might offer a "package" where they include the pump and gasket together, but that would be a dealer or vendor packaged item and would not have a specific Subaru part number. There may be aftermarket pumps and thermostats that come with gaskets, but again nothing you'd buy directly from Subaru.
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Re: Subaru OEM parts. . .

Post by cj91legss »

^^ Yeah I have never gotten a thermostat with the o ring from subaru without asking...

I think that's a bit ridiculous...
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