Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

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Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by kimokalihi »

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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by Airgne »

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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by Redlined »

Back in the day there was a clich of auto enthusiasts that called their car "rat-rods" in the 80-90s this was furthered with "fuglys" This guy has raised the bar to "My car looks like it should be towed to the junk yard and it can STILL kick your ass!".
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by beatersubi »

Its so awesomely ghetto!
Love the negative camber on the marker lights.
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by Jester808 »

Hey, that's my friends Brat :lol:
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by Shaggy »

That's awsomely awsome.. That thing sure is ugly, but it would be wickedly awsome to kick peoples asses with that beast... Two thumbs up to that dude for kicking ass in his beater brat
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by Legacy777 »


Who's Brat is that?
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by James614 »

beatersubi wrote:Its so awesomely ghetto!
Love the negative camber on the marker lights.
I'm pretty sure the marker lights are like that because he just beat the crap out of the inside fronts of the fenders to cover the front wheels :) Fender rolling is for pansies!

I ALMOST wrote high praise for the thing, but then I read that he swapped the motor for a 13B. Traitor!!! :-(

Also, I really hope that this thing was already beaten and rusty before he hacked it up... just sayin, good Brat parts aren't easy to come by.
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

Post by SILINC3R »

the front end reminds me off an Alfa for some reason
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Re: Subaru Brat: Drift Machine

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:shock: :!: :mrgreen:
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