Rally marshal hit by car

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Rally marshal hit by car

Post by trev0006 »

http://www.dpccars.com/car-videos-13/02 ... by-car.htm

Rally marshal hit by car, looks like he was OK and just walks it off.


http://www.dpccars.com/car-videos-13/02 ... -world.htm

Rallying 2012 - Welcome to our world, compilation of some awesome rally footage.
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Re: Rally marshal hit by car

Post by Legacy777 »

Thankfully that car wasn't going too fast when it hit the marsall.

Rally drivers AND fans are probably some of the craziest in the motorsports arena.....and I love it :)

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Re: Rally marshal hit by car

Post by mike-tracy »

Jeez that's crazy! I've been hit by many a rally car...rock debris at Start and Stop Finish. Even at the stop the drivers are so amped up and ready to go, they floor it after getting their time cards filled in. ;) Wear safety glasses.

Best way to see a rally, folks, is to volunteer. No experience necessary. Clearly that marshall shouldn't be in the road at that point, or at all. One of his responsibilities is to make sure the roads are clear, which he failed to do.

Some of the guys working at Olympus Rally have been volunteering since the Group-B rally days, and they have great stories about the drivers from that era.
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Re: Rally marshal hit by car

Post by beatersubi »

Thats awesome! I may just have to volunteer this year if I don't get roped into crewing again.
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Re: Rally marshal hit by car

Post by kleinkid »

As a course worker, you need to be aware of where you are positioned. Always give yourself an escape route. I don't care how much barrier tape you put up, if the co-driver reads it is a right , the driver most likely will turn right.
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