Travis Pastrana

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Travis Pastrana

Post by kleinkid »

Travis Pastrana qualified fourth for tomorrows Nascar Nationwide Series race in Daytona. No he is not driving a Subaru. Ford Mustang for Jack Rousch Racing. He will be doing the whole series this year.
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Re: Travis Pastrana

Post by mike-tracy »

I was excited to meet him at Olympus a couple years back. Regret not getting a picture with him, as he seemed like a guy who is "living the life" but is also humble. Crazy Leo kinda reminds me of him, personality wise.
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Re: Travis Pastrana

Post by kimokalihi »

He's basically my idol, if I've ever had one. If I could be one person on earth I'd be travis pastrana. He does everything cool. Hes good at everything and he's got an awesome personality and not a douche like a lot of celebrities and pros. I'm happy for him but I think it would be cooler if he were getting into f1 instead even though he said nascar is probably the hardest motorsport out there. I guess he would know.
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Re: Travis Pastrana

Post by turboleg »

I laughed a little as one of the nascar announcers said something to the effect of: and then there is Travis Pastrana a new guy this year with very little race experience. NASCAR fail!

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