Dash Plastic Parts: $214...Price Gouge...UGH!!!

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Dash Plastic Parts: $214...Price Gouge...UGH!!!

Post by brubble111 » Fri Nov 01, 2002 2:55 am

I love my '02 Legacy GT, but I'm upset w/ Subaru Corp for their
parts pricing. Removing my stereo, I cracked the plastic wood grain
dash center panel and plastic gear shift surround. Replacement parts
cost a shocking $214!

These 2 plastic pieces are templated and factory-installed on
millions of Subaru Legacy's (dealership told me that they are now
standard on GT models). As such, I am deeply upset at the $214
replacement pricing...particularly since the plastic parts are widely

I understand parts are premium priced, but $214 crossed the line
where Subaru is being dishonest, gouging and quite frankly,

My naive opinion of Subaru was romantic where I thought I was
buying a car from a reputable company that had integrity (well,
that's what I perceived from their advertising look, tone & feel). I
believed Subaru was unique amongst car manufacturers and actually
cared for their customer's well-being. Surely they do -- their
customer service has always been top-notch, inclusive of responses
written specifically to my request (not corporate form letters).

I was wrong. Instead, Subaru Corp cares only about the bottom
line...too bad their bottom line is generated from parts price
gouging. Tell me, are they in the business of selling cars or
parts? Maybe selling cars is a means to selling expensive parts as
they have us hooked.

Subaru Corp could do nothing except write a complaint report.
Perhaps all of us can work together to advise Subaru to break free of
this price gouging and become their customer's partner. If so, I
might buy another Subaru (ie: repeat customer!). Somehow, my gut
tells me that Subaru might listen (or am I still naive???). Subaru's
Customer Service phone is: (800) Subaru3. Call them and tell your

Part #66060AE27A CENTER PANEL $114.20
Part #94110AE08A WOOD PNL AY $99.78

PS: Someone advised I compare Honda pricing to test if Subaru is
in or out of line. Sorry, but I do not have time. Regardless of
what other mfgs are doing, $214 is still too expensive for 2
templated pieces of plastic.


Dash Plastic Parts: $214...Price Gouge...UGH!!!

Post by axfinn_20902 » Fri Nov 01, 2002 1:10 pm

You think that's bad. I just replaced a friends '02 Audi Quattros
right headlamp $1,1150 US dollars just for the part. Ouch!!


Dash Plastic Parts: $214...Price Gouge...UGH!!!

Post by Ross » Sat Nov 02, 2002 7:40 pm

if you have time to write this email, then you should have time to make a
simple call to a Honda dealer to compare the prices. Besides, we are all