susp. lift for legacy?

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susp. lift for legacy?

Post by deluxefleetline » Fri Feb 28, 2003 9:36 am

I'm new to this site, so, Hello. Has anyone here raised an awd 1990-
1994 legacy by putting taller wheels/tires or aftermarket struts on?
Just by looking at my stock suspension setup, i can clearly see that
taller tires would rub the bottoms of the factory struts. But there
are other types of struts that you guys have used to lower your cars
and use 16-17 inch wheels/tires. Just wondered if while doing this
anybody noticed extra clearance between aftermarket struts and bigger
diameter wheels/tires to take it the other way. To make a 90-94
legacy into an imitation "Outback" so to speak. Seems like i saw
pics of rally racing with these subarus in the past, so i assume that
someone out there has found a way to increase ground clearance under
a 90-94 legacy. I just want more ground clearance on my subaru for
taking it further into the mountains and the ability to use a 15 inch
rim/tire with beefier tread. Wondered what it might cost for the
strut and or brackets, if such items really exist. I'm a mechanic
and have self-installed a lot of new parts on my subaru and would
rather not sell/trade it for a real Outback in my price range, as it
would most likely need alot of the same parts that i have installed
on my current 1990 AWD legacy.
And is it possible to install an ABS system into a 1990 legacy,
by using parts from a salvage yard? Or would it be a waste of time
and money to install used ABS parts? Any suggestions, or sites to
look at or info would be appreciated. Thanks Mike


susp. lift for legacy?

Post by FREDERICK.WHITMORE@CN.CA » Fri Feb 28, 2003 10:06 am

Well as far as tires go I have 195/65 15 winters on my legacy turbo with no
problems. It's not drastically higher than the stock 195/60's but it is


Josh Colombo

susp. lift for legacy?

Post by Josh Colombo » Fri Feb 28, 2003 10:46 am

Scorpian Lift kits can be put on your legacy. They come from down under.

ISR Performance sells them. Here's a link for the baja stuff ... Baja_Parts

However the kits will work on your car. I would suggest calling them and confirming that, and seeing if they have a kit specific for your model year, or if everything is generic.

You could probably take outback struts & springs and put them on yours for a slightly higher stance....but I don't think it would be a whole lot. Plus it'd probably be around the same or close for the outback stuff....depending on the parts and where you got them from.

As far as the ABS......don't waste your time. You would need to swap brake lines, proportioning valve, abs pump, wheel tone sensors, abs brain and associated electrical harnesses, not to mention tie all that back into the ECU.


Josh Colombo

susp. lift for legacy?

Post by Josh Colombo » Fri Feb 28, 2003 11:36 am

Check this thread out too ... did=322463> &threadid=322463