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Bill Robinson_

The Other Subaru Nutball Group

Post by Bill Robinson_ »

Hey There!

I could swear that I signed up for the other group. I can't remember its
name, but as I recall, it was affiliated with Legacy Central. I haven't
gotten any mailings from it. What am I doing wrong?

Bill Robinson
92 Legacy Turbo 5-speed with a few modest street modifications
Josh Colombo

The Other Subaru Nutball Group

Post by Josh Colombo »

Are you talking about the legacy central buleton board?

If so it's web based only.


The Other Subaru Nutball Group

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You DID sign up Bill
On 21 Feb 2003
And you're a member
What else do you want me to tell about you, your credit card number?
You're doing the same thing as me which is nothing
There's no mailings, you have to go there
The site is categorized so you have to select where you want to go
I kind of like this list where it comes to you, and everything is laid out

go here =>

Larry Witherspoon