diff issues!!!!

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diff issues!!!!

Post by subaruracer755@cs.com »

well guys, here I am holdin my #@$% in my hand and staring at two differentials. one of them is my 3:90 LSD setup and the other is a 4:11 open from mr richard buckner. Unfortunatley they are TOTALLY differnt pieces and none of the parts are interchangable. so here I am with two diffs totally taken apart. heres my ideas, and i need your opinions on it.

-take the 4:11 ring and pinion out of the open set, and "modify them to work in the new unit, down side, no guarentees they will fit and we might end up with two non-resellabel units.
-pay $500 for a 4:11 rear diff (in case, complete) at the local subaru only yard.
-put my 3:90 diff back together and open up the legacy TT trannie and put the 3:90 pinion and ring gear out of my old case on it.
-get a ring and pinion set out of a legacy GT, or forester S with a 4:11 rear set. questions, are all the subaru LSDs the same units? is my 1991 LSD the same LSD used in the GT and S model, if so then the ring would bolt up.

these cases are different and Im not sure the pinion shafts would be interchangable.

please smatter me with ideas.


diff issues!!!!

Post by ssspoon@aol.com »

Mike I think all the diff gearings have to match
front center and rear
most of all don't pay 5 large till you check some more
here's a couple of my fave salvage sites

car parts . com

hal's parts and service

s-t-a-r auto recycling

planet salvage
http://www.planetsalvage.com/cocoon/ps. ... ion=rlogin

let me know if you find anything

Larry Witherspoon