Handeling Problems

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Handeling Problems

Post by biggane_ »


I have a '92 Legacy 2wd that handles like a boat going to a ski
trail, really bad. If I am on the highway I can barely go around a
turn at more than 60mph before the car feels like its going to roll.
I would like to upgrade the suspension. Does anyone have an online
store reference for new coils, struts, endlinks, etc? Thanks


Also, my TPS is screwed. The car idles at about 100 rpm's, very
annoying. Anyone have an extra one to sell?
Josh Colombo

Handeling Problems

Post by Josh Colombo »

How many miles on the car?

Your struts are probably shot all to hell. Also....there were some FWD
models that didn't get a rear anti-sway bar. Double check and make sure
you have one.

I'd start with struts. I would suggest either KYB GR2's or AGX's.
AGX's are pretty much the same thing as GR2's except adjustable. Since
your car is FWD.....KYB may not have made AGX's for it.

Replace the struts......and unless you want lowering springs.....just
stick with the stock springs......springs really don't "wear out"

Peter Biggane

Handeling Problems

Post by Peter Biggane »


Thanks for the info. I did replace the struts about
4k miles or so ago. The car was hit right on the
drivers wheel so I had to replace the drivers side
control arm, along with both sides tie rods and ball
joints. The car is smooth on the road, just hard to
handle. Do you have any info as far as online stores
that you trust? Thanks

Josh Colombo

Handeling Problems

Post by Josh Colombo »


What did you replace the old struts with? Were they new or used? You sure everything is fixed from the accident. It's possible an anti-sway bar link or mount was busted.

Did you get an alignment after changing all the parts up front? If not, that should be number one thing to do before anything else.

What parts are you wanting? springs, struts?

Check out my site, I have some links for vendors on it. www.surrealmirage.com/subaru