drive axle replacement

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drive axle replacement

Post by Dean » Sat Mar 29, 2003 11:03 pm

tomorrow, i'm doing a CV axle replacement on my 2wd
Screwbaru. The passenger side has been making a
wub-wub-wub noise that parallels the speed of the car, and it's
been getting louder, plus, there's a large tear in the boot.
I've done this preceedure on a few other cars in the past, but I'm
wondering, since this is my first time on a soobie, is there's
anything I should know?

Besides all the normal tools, i do have a Haynes and a Chilton, a
new knuckle grease seal (in case I mess up the old one), a
torque wrench and axle bolt socket.

Any suggestions?

92 BF 2wd wagon


drive axle replacement

Post by Everson » Sun Mar 30, 2003 1:43 am

You might thing of the other side!! The CV
axels are always changed in pars. If one side
goes bad the other side is not far behind!
Thats my $.02

Douglas Hancock

drive axle replacement

Post by Douglas Hancock » Sun Mar 30, 2003 4:13 am

Generally the left is the first to go and then in a couple of months the right goes. It depends on how long the tear in the boot has been there. If its been months then I would not expect the other side to go for a while. As long as the rubber boot has been good.

dean forman_

drive axle replacement

Post by dean forman_ » Sun Mar 30, 2003 10:13 am

You guys seem to know yur stuff... the driver's side was done just before I bought the car at the beginning of this month. The guy I bought it from tells me he didn't think the passenger side needed a new axle or he would have done it, too. I think the guy is a total dirt bag liar... which leads me to my next question;

I'm getting a hard banging when I slowly go over bumps. It seems to be coming from the side he did. I have not had a good look under the car yet, (and since it's raining today, I may not get a look today either... no garage), but I am suspicious that this guy, with his "get-it-in, get-it-out" attitude, may not have installed the spring pin in the tranny side of the CV axle. All the bushings look fine and the strut seems tight. The wheel bearing and ball joint also seem fine.

Would the lack of the spring pin cause a banging over bumps, or would the tranny shaft just simply fall off or not even turn? My books don't show pics of any of this.


Matt Gawlowski

drive axle replacement

Post by Matt Gawlowski » Sun Mar 30, 2003 11:43 am

The spring pin is an excellent theory...I believe it
COULD cause that noise, and no, it wouldn't come off
if the pin weren't installed (well, I'm pretty sure of
that at least...I havn't tried it myself ;-). That
pin can be a real pain in the butt to install if you
don't follow the directions carefully (chamfer on axle
and chamfer on tranny need to be on same side to help
pin go in), so I can see how someone might not bother
with that.

-Matt G.


drive axle replacement

Post by Rod_ » Sun Mar 30, 2003 5:33 pm

could be the swaybar link ..... if the bush is worn or the bolt loose it will do this...
just a thought..

dean forman_

drive axle replacement

Post by dean forman_ » Sun Mar 30, 2003 8:23 pm

As luck would have it, it poured all day, so the axle replacement is postponed until next weekend. hopefully I can get under the car during the week and see if the pin is in there.

at least I did get to install new Infinity speakers in the back (what a friggen pain!) and caulk an annoying door leak that was dumping rain water all over the passenger seat. I just can't imagine how THAT much water can come pouring in when it's just drizzeling out? Gees!

thanks for all your input everybody.


Douglas Hancock

drive axle replacement

Post by Douglas Hancock » Mon Mar 31, 2003 3:43 am

I agree with rod there. The pin is easy to get in if you have the right tool. (not a nail)