Legacy L 1995 4x4 wagon - Your Thoughts

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Legacy L 1995 4x4 wagon - Your Thoughts

Post by Synerginov »

Hello All!
I'm about to buy a 1995 Legacy L 4x4 wagon with 195,000 KMs.

Anyone has any comments, suggestions for specific things to check in vehicle
repair history, for something that might be near replacement at present
age/mileage, or common defects?

When I test drove it, the rear bearing was making a BIG roaring noise and
the brakes seemed not too responsive. The dealer (Subaru) will replace
bearings and check the brakes before delivery, I'll inspect/test drive it
after this.

I'd like to get your advice and evaluation of price I should pay for this.

Thank you all!
Thierry Lavallee
Christopher Chirdon

Legacy L 1995 4x4 wagon - Your Thoughts

Post by Christopher Chirdon »

If brakes are mushy, have them check the front calipers for being 'frozen',
possibly the rear too. Both my front brakes were frozen, the giude pins
the housing is supposed to be able to slide along as the brake pad material
wears, were frozen. They fely mushy as all heck. I bough remanufactured
jobbies for $35/caliper, put them on and it was like night and day.

Hope that helps,