Sea Foam Cures Sticky Valve Lash Adjusters

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Bill Robinson_

Sea Foam Cures Sticky Valve Lash Adjusters

Post by Bill Robinson_ »

Howdy: My 92 Legacy turbo EJ22T was sounding terrible with valve train
noise. I fed it i/3 pint of a decarbonizer called Sea Foam through the PVC
hose while it was running and slowly drowned engine with it. After letting
it sit for twenty minutes, I fired it up and blew out tons of carbon and
combustion chamber crap. I added the other 2/3 pint to the oil and put an
entire pint in the gas tank. The cure was immediate. Even when cold
started in the morning, I hear no valve clatter. Before I did this, it
always sounded bad on cold starting and often sounded bad when fully warmed
up. I was pretty sure that I needed to replace all the hydraulic valve lash
adjusters. After $12.00 and a few minutes of effort it sounds like new and
runs a lot better as well. It is my understanding that Subaru engines are
susceptible to carboning up and valvetrain noise is a common symptom.

On another subject, where is the handiest place to tap oil pressure for a
mechanical oil pressure gauge?

Bill Robinson
92 Legacy Turbo with a few modest street modifications.
Josh Colombo

Sea Foam Cures Sticky Valve Lash Adjusters

Post by Josh Colombo »

Probably the most common that I have heard is to have the drain plug tapped and put one in there......however that may be the electric one.....I'm not 100% sure.

Sea Foam Cures Sticky Valve Lash Adjusters

Post by axfinn_20902 »

Yea that Sea Foam great stuff. Use you oil sending switch and tap
into its top with a T-fitting. It's located at the front of the
engine. easy install.