Polyurethane Control arm bushings

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P Bits

Polyurethane Control arm bushings

Post by P Bits »

Anybody know where I could find Polyurethane Control
arm bushings for a 92 legacy. The only place i could
find them is http://www.isrperformance.com/main.html
But they are very expencive and they don't seem to
answer their email. I would also like to hear about
places that carry replacement rubber ones.

thanks, ManP
dean forman_

Polyurethane Control arm bushings

Post by dean forman_ »

If you find out where to get the bushings, please let me know. I have a 92 Legacy wagon that I want to change over from the stock bushings.

92 n/a BF
Josh Colombo

Polyurethane Control arm bushings

Post by Josh Colombo »

The bushings are all from whiteline.

You may want to email whiteline directly and see if they have a kit that
would replace all your old bushings at a lesser price then buying them
all individually.

However....out of the entire list of bushings there......I probably
wouldn't replace all of them.

Other option you have is take the part numbers and order them from a
vendor with cheaper costs.

Pam @ isr is pretty decent at returning emails. When did you email


PAM is my friend!

Post by subaruracer755@cs.com »

i have great luck from her, just put a set of DBA rotors on my car. now i need new pads, more fuel and then more boost im all set...

HOWEVER, the bushings are not al lthe same, i ordered some rear diff bushings that were SUPPOSED to be universal, and the WRX has a smaller rear mount than our cars. but i made em work... so careful with them bushings.