car won't start

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car won't start

Post by southcitygroupnz »

well guys, i have the following problem, before this problem occured
i'd driven the car for about 60km at 100km per hour without any
problems, i just parked it in the shed for the night, and the next
day the car wouldn't start

diagnoses so far.

GT 2.0 turbo 1990

i have 3 month old plug packs
i installed new spark plugs last month
when i pulled the fuel line of the injector rail i had heaps of fuel
pouring out when the key was turned.
the motor turns over and triies to fire but doesn't

any help would be appreciated.
Josh Colombo

car won't start

Post by Josh Colombo »

Well.....the basics are you need fuel, air, and spark in the right combinations.

Have you pulled a plug out to verify that it is truly sparking?

If it's not sparking, I'd check all your coil packs, also may want to check the cam & crank sensors.