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Matthew Reese

Legacy Turbo Times

Post by Matthew Reese »

I thought I would post some times for the '91 Legacy Turbo (auto tranny) that my brother and I have done some work to.

Major mods:

Timing ( no knock sensor and then a computer reset maxes advance)

'02 WRX Turbo (15 psi with 18 psi spikes at shift points)

Removed both cats

The big one "Water injection" (absolutely no detontation)

Removed unnecessary weight


0-60 ft 1.95 s

0-60 mph 5.225 s

1/8 mile 8.83 s

1/4 mile 13.86 s

Measured with G-tech Pro Competition - seems to be pretty good!

Just bought '02 WRX intercooler off ebay - more boost to come!
Josh Colombo

Legacy Turbo Times

Post by Josh Colombo »

How did you rig up the no knock sensor? Are you just using a resistor in place of the knock sensor?

Ian Shastko

Legacy Turbo Times

Post by Ian Shastko »

could you send me a picture of the turbo installed?

Legacy Turbo Times


I'd like to see a picture of your engine bay also. Are those G-tech things
really accurate???