FYI Part weights

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FYI Part weights

Post by arktechca »

Here are a few items and their weights as taken off a Legacy Turbo:

Sunroof Assembly: 42 lbs

Front Bumper (steel only): 30 lbs
Rear Bumper (steel only): 36 lbs

All of the plastic coating on floor metal throughout the car (beneath
the carpet, had to be scraped): 20 lbs

Additional items Removed to date (wasn't really weighing things at
the time):

Spare tire/tools
All interior flooring, headliner and pillar plastics, rear seat and
back dashcovering, spoiler, entire AC system, large rad fan, door
interiors on rear doors, both cats and stock muffler

Approx weight loss: ~400lbs (I will be weighing the car this saturday
and local garbage dump scales)

I will get those under the hood pics of the WRX turbo install and I
hope to receive the WRX intercooler Tuesday and that will also be in
the photo. Since I last posted a time of 13.86 in the 1/4 the car has
lost just under 200 lbs. Along with the intercooler install, times
should be notably quicker. I will let you know!