What we got in USA

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didn't get turbo in U.S. did you?

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In a message dated 5/20/2003 4:12:41 AM Eastern Standard Time,
From: "John" <john@urlich.com>
So far this list has been quiet. :)
In the U.S you didn't get the turbo models did you?

In the U.S. we got a Turbo Legacy (Liberty RS) from 1991-1994
The wagon actually only went from 92-94
came with 2.2 liters, no intercooler, smaller turbo than the offshore versions
factory rated at 160 HP and 180 lbs-ft with factory max 7.8 pounds of boost

Didn't get a turbo after 94 till the WRX in i think, 2000

Now we're finally gonna catch up and pass the rest of the world with a 2.5 liter 300 HP WRX STi, which might be a purely US marketing strategy since I don't think World Rally cars can use over 2 liters

You guys with all the numbers just jump right on in there anytime

Larry Witherspoon
Los Angeles

didn't get turbo in U.S. did you?


Our Turbo is smaller than the offshore versions?? I had always thought that
they used the same turbo as ours but had the 2.0 l with the water-cooled
intercooler. I could have sworn when I checked out the RS on the net that it
said it also had the IHI RHB something, something...whatever our turbo is
called. I also found out that the old Ford Probe GT, and the Mazda 626 GT (I
think that's what it's called) also used the same turbo that's in our cars. I
also believe these cars were equipped with an intercooler which got me thinking
about a possible fitment to my car. Am I at least correct regarding the Ford
and Mazda? And would a top-mount fitment of an intercooler from these cars be
possible like the Saab intercooler? Also I believe Larry made a typo as our
cars came stock with boost of 8.7 PSI and not 7.8 PSI.

Bill Robinson_

What we got in USA

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The USA Lagacy (Liberty) turbo came with an EJ22T, 2.2 liters, great bottom
end, nearly identical to 22B bottom end, closed deck, under piston spray
system etc. Heads are 4-valve, single cam per bank, hydraulic valve lash
adjusters, don't breathe very well. Tiny turbo, no intercooler. Good
low-end torque, no turbo lag, flattens out at higher revs. ECU has
overboost fuel cut just a few lbs of boost over stock. Weak fuel pump,
smaller injectors that real-world EJ20 engines, ECU has longer fuel pulses
than real-world version. Headers are just as good as any Subaru ever made.
Switching to cool heads is not easy or cheap. Weakest links are fuel pump,
tiny turbo, no intercooler, bonnet scoop to small to support good airflow
through top-mount air-to-air intercooler, heads that don't breathe well.
Brakes tend to warp rotors if used hard. Brakes feel mushy
Clutch is pathetically inadequate, Manual tranny synchros hydrolock and
slow down shifting, automatic trannies are kinda weak, but feel great. all
hydraulics in steering tend to leak, plastic burp tank on cooling system
prone to failure, frameless windows suck, sunroof not dependable, heater fan
relay is problematic. All-in-all, it's a pretty cool car. I have had mine
for eleven years and still absolutely love it.

Bill Robinson

92 Legacy Turbo with a few modest street modifications