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Collection of technical archives from the BC-BF LegacyWorks Yahoo! group.

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Welcome to the Archives - Please Read

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As some of you may know, the Legacycentral BBS was an extension/continuation of the former yahoo BC-BF Legacyworks group. The yahoo group is still around and some what active, however most of the users have moved over here. Dave was the major player in setting up the new BBS. We had simply outgrown the yahoo interface, which was harder to manage, harder to search, etc. We did not however want to loose all that old information, and I will say there is definitely a lot of good information in these archives.

The archives were converted from all the past emails I had from the old group. There is some overlap between the start of this board and when I cut off the import date. Most of the emails converted fine, however if you run across anything that looks weird or a topic title/post that doesn't fit the thread, let me know and we can juggle some stuff around.

These will remain archives, hence they will be read only. If you find a topic you would like to discuss or have questions about, start a new thread in the main forums and link to the archived thread. If you have questions/comments regarding the archives in general feel free to post them in the Site and Forum Suggestions and Comments.

Please utilize the search function on these archives to find the information you want. The search tables have been rebuilt to include this data, so you should be able to find anything about the old posts from searching.

Enjoy :)

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