ECU Error Codes

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Chris Bresnehan

ECU Error Codes

Post by Chris Bresnehan »

Hi All,

I did the self diagnostic test thing with the black connectors on my 1993
Aust spec Liberty RS Turbo the other day at it came out with the codes 31,
32, 11 and 24.

31 - Throttle Sensor
32 - Oxygen Sensor
11 - Crank Angle Sensor
24 - Air Control Valve

Is this as really as bad as it looks??? What steps should I take fix these
problems???? I would prefer to try any alternative options before I have to
go to the extent of purchasing replacement parts.

The strange thing is that the car has not been showing any signs of any
problems except for being hard to start every now and again, a very rough
idle occasionally just after start up and running a little on the rich side
(this may have something to do with the placement of my right foot) .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Carl Andersen

ECU Error Codes

Post by Carl Andersen »

What do you know about the car? After I bought mine I had an intermittant problem and several errors on the ECU. What I didn't know was that the errors remain in the ECU even if you change the parts out.

I wish that I had reset the ECU and driven it for awhile and then checked the error codes again. I would have saved over $200.

93 Touring Wagon
Omaha, Nebraska

She is 100Kmiles young.

Carl Andersen

ECU Error Codes

Post by »

Thanks Carl,

Sounds like a good idea, Didn't realise it stored the errors even
when they are not occuring any more. I have a touring day organised
by the local Subaru club coming up on the weekend so I will reset the
ECU and see if the errors re-appear after that.

I have owned the car for the last 3 years, it has about 130,000klm on
the clock. Mods include full MRT s/steel mandrel bent exhaust, MY99
WRX MRT Uprated Clutch, MRT MY99 WRX Lightened Flywheel, MRT
Quickshift, MRT Intake mods, K&N Flat Panel Filter, Splitfire
Platinum Plugs, Blitz DTT and Blitz SSBC (not using yet as I am
waiting for a Turbosmart FCD to be delivered), Bendix Ultimate Pads,
MRT Brake Booster Support Bracket, Castrol SRF Brake Fluid and a
Vanilla Scented Air Freshner. :-)

>From what I have heard the starting problems could be related to the
Crank Angle Sensor, Would this be correct???

Also it wouldn't surprise me if the Oxy Sensor when damaged when the
exhaust shop fitted my MRT System.

Will have to wait and see.................


Ryan Apted

ECU error codes

Post by Ryan Apted »

Hi all,

Just wondering how you check for error codes in the ECU of an RS
Legacy? and where can I find a list of codes?
Josh Colombo

ECU error codes

Post by Josh Colombo »

Check out my site, has the info on it in the notes & tips

Ryan Apted

ECU error codes

Post by Ryan Apted »

Cheers Josh,

Looks like a bit of a complicated procedure compared to what I'm used
to but I'll give it a go.


ECU Error Codes

Post by Ross »

Hi Chris, my RS is exhibiting very similar symptoms althoiugh I haven't checked the codes. What did you end up doing to fix?
Ross 92 RS