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#Installed rob tune ecu and codes 45 21 12

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 Post subject: Installed rob tune ecu and codes 45 21 12
PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:17 pm 
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Hey guys I installed my robtune finally . It’s been years of dreaming of getting this far . Once the car is running it runs great but I am getting codes 12 21 45 code 12 is normal because the starter is wired to a hidden button i had a car stolen... but the codes 45 and 21 are new code 21 is coolant temp sensor and 45 is pressure sensor does it mean map? Anyway the car has a terrible time starting on a cold start it takes a couple minutes of trying . Once it’s running it runs great and on a warm start the cel goes away. So is there something I missed in the wiring convention ? I also did a coil over plug conversion at the same time . I didn’t mess with coolant temp wireing at all . And is code 45 the map sensor or boost control. It just says pressure sensor . I followed instructions from how to convert coil over plug thread viewtopic.php?f=19&t=53990 . It’s just weird that the coolant temp would fail at the same time as converting to robtune. Thanks for any help , also I just put it into d check mode and driving around the only code it flashes is 43 throttle switch . The coolant temp code and pressure sensor code do not flash.

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