RevScan Connection issues

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RevScan Connection issues

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I am pulling my 94 back out to drive it more and forgot that I've been having issues with power like right before I stopped driving it more consistently I could barely drive it at sea level due to what felt like boost cut. Once I hit a certain elevation it stopped cutting which was great since I had to climb over 8000 feet to get back home. Fortunately, I live in the mountains and it's still drivable up here, just not remotely fun. I don't seem to be getting any codes and have bypassed the boost controller and am reading upwards of 10psi with a manual boost controller.

So I tried plugging into the ECU with RevScan so I can go monitor readings and see if there's something glaring that can help me get my power back but I am unable to connect. When I go to select the port my options are blank. From what I remember that is where I could select USB or serial port options. I'll select a car and OBD1 protocol but it keeps prompting me to select a vehicle.

Is there something very simple I am missing here?
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