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#Acceleration without pressing gas - high idle - FIXED!

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 Post subject: Acceleration without pressing gas - high idle - FIXED!
PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:28 am 
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My 93 Turbo legacy was accelerating on it's own without pressing the gas pedal. My wife called me and told me the car was possessed. She had to use the brakes to keep it from going too fast and had a scary time getting it home with our two dogs.

In park it would idle up to 5k and keep climbing. I thought it was probably a bad IACV so I dismantled the airbox and removed the 90* elbow to get at it. When I was removing the PCV hose the F-tube cracked. It is the only old OEM PCV line I had left on the car. I knew then that my day was about to get longer and more complicated fabricating a new one. :mad:

I then had to partially dismantle the turbo to have enough room to get at the crankcase breather and even then it took me a good hour to get the stupid hose off.

The IACV wasn't too sticky but I cleaned it with carb cleaner. I hit up the auto parts store and used some 3/4" silicone hose and a reducer hose to use up the remnants of the f-tube. I replaced the top of the IACV (I have three spare IACVs) for good measure.

While hooking everything back up and still at a loss for why the car was acting funny I discovered that the TPS wiring was all cracked and twisted allowing the wires to short out! I taped up the cracks and marine grade heat shrinked the wires. Put everything back together and the car is running flawlessly again! :cool:

Super cold out today but I'm glad I got it fixed and running again.


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