Continues tail lights won't stay on.

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Continues tail lights won't stay on.

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So my 1991 legacy LS wagon has just recently starting on Friday morning, been blowing the fuses to what the fuse box calls "clearance lights". And I know there is a short somewhere inside the car. I've been having trouble finding it and I was wondering if any of you had any wiring diagrams available for the car so I can trace down the exact wires to find the short. All other lights work, brake lights still come on, it's just the running tail lights won't stay on bc it keeps blowing fuses as soon as I replace them. Gone through at least 10 fuses since Friday.... Any help on how to find the short would be awesome! Thanks in advance guys! Image

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Re: Continues tail lights won't stay on.

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First topic in the stuff you need to know forum.

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