91 Legacy Non-Turbo ECM Pin Out

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91 Legacy Non-Turbo ECM Pin Out

Post by damnsubi »

there are lots of diagrams, etc for turbos not as much for nonturbos. i need a ecm pinout for a 91 subaru wagon 2.2 nonturbo. the diagram i got doesn't match the car.
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Re: 91 Legacy Non-Turbo ECM Pin Out

Post by Legacy777 »

I've moved your thread to the electrical forum and renamed your thread so it's a little more clear for someone reviewing things.

Regarding the ECM pin out, the pin out is the same whether it's a 90 or 91 or for the most part any non-turbo first gen Legacy.

Vikash's page lists everything and notes what is turbo vs. non-turbo.


These scans are from the 90 factory manual which are going to be applicable to the 91 Legacy.

https://main.experiencetherave.com/suba ... _page1.jpg
https://main.experiencetherave.com/suba ... _page2.jpg
https://main.experiencetherave.com/suba ... _page3.jpg

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