RS legacy BC5 - v7 swap // Advice??

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RS legacy BC5 - v7 swap // Advice??

Post by NZ.BC5 »

Need all the help I can get.
Engine is forged v2CDB heads are v7, basically I need to wire up my bc5 with the v7 loom and ecu, trouble is I dont know what I'm doing.
I'm new to forums aswell, so it's hard for me to locate information.

I'm from NZ , I just need to be pointed in right direction I can't fail at this as I've invested too much already, would be willing to pay for spoon feeding of information.

Currently I have full v7 loom and ecu with a few solenoids
Can I run engine independently from v7 loom ? And run rest of car from original rs ecu? . I need to find most efficient way of achieving it.

Thanks in advance to any heroes that may help me
Sincerely NZ.BC5
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Re: RS legacy BC5 - v7 swap // Advice??

Post by mike-tracy »

Have you checked RS Liberty club yet?
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Re: RS legacy BC5 - v7 swap // Advice??

Post by Legacy777 »

Welcome to the BBS.

As Mike pointed out I would check out the RS Liberty Club,

You really can't use separate ECU's, however have you considered or are you willing to use a stand alone ECU like Link? I've got one of their older G4 setups in my Legacy and with proper tuning it works well and I've retained all the stock ECU functionality.
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Re: RS legacy BC5 - v7 swap // Advice??

Post by Bcaron1000 »

There’s a few things you need to wire in, I have a 22t hybrid I had to wire in a 20k harness it’s fairly easy actually

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