Code 11 help

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Code 11 help

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Hi, first post here. I have a 84 turbo brat that I swapped a 93 ej22t into. It runs and drives ok but I have been chasing my tail over a hard start code 11 issue. Intermittently (like every other or every 5 starts, never know) I get a hard start, it feels like the timing is jumping all around, cranks hard and throws a code 11, have to stop cranking and try again. When I hookup the homemade scan tool it shows it’s kicking the crank code as soon as it starts turning over. I have replaced the sensor with a oem sensor, ran new shielded cable from ecu to sensor plug, replaced the ecu plug cps sensor is on (can’t remember what b# it was I’m at home). Physically inspected timing (appears to be on) keyway looks fine. Hooked up crank and cam sensors to oscilloscope, the waveforms looked like the ones I saw online. Replaced igniter, coil, 02 sensor. I’m stumped, please toss me some ideas...
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Re: Code 11 help

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You mentioned the keyway looks fine. Does the crank gear fit snuggly over the keyway and there is no movement? Also, did you replace the timing belt tensioner when you swapped it into your Brat? Is the tensioner using the older or newer style tensioner? If it's the older style did you use a screwdriver or similar to push the tensioner all the way to left towards the crank before tightening down the tensioner bolts?

Also, have you used a multimeter to check the resistance of the crank sensor wiring all the way from the sensor to the ECU? It should be 0 ohms or very close to it.
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