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Hi folks. Still workin' on my 93 SS turbo. I've got the TDO4 mounted & plumbed, W/ manual boost controler. I have to finish tiggin' up my 3" bell mouth down pipe, & I'll be close to firing it up. At this point I'm settin' it up w/o an IC, because I'm not happy with the way the rex i/c s fit . I'm likein' the looks of the JDM WAIC s compact install, & wondering about availability & pricing. I've read several threads, & think I can put together the rest of the system. I'm thinkin the JDM units should be afordable, as ya'll know Frozen Boost sells some nice lookin' units for $150.00. And of course, funding is a problem for many of us, most of my builds are of the shoe string type. Input much appreciated.-- Steve.
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The AWIC cores can be found in the parts shed occasionally.

You may want to see if this guy still has his.


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NASIOC also might be a souce for the JDM tanks.
I went with a heat exchanger and pump from Frozen boost.
But I recommend getting the Ford Lightning/cobra pump and a decent sized exchanger. Don't cheap out on the pump!
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