TD05 Kit

That spinning thing that makes all of the cool noises. OE and Aftermarket.

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Re: TD05 Kit

Post by Alphius »

Sounds like you have a very nice and very unique t-leg. Good find.

Yeah, I will be at the dyno day if it's on a weekend that I'm free, so we'll have to meet up then.

The Camaro is doing good, I just got an aluminum head swap done on it and I'm dialing in the tune bit by bit, so I should be tearing up the streets in it in no time! Especially good since summer is coming. ;)
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Re: TD05 Kit

Post by kimokalihi »

Yeah the charcoal canister that I have has a broken nipple so I only have 2 ports and it's unusable. I need one with 3 ports like yours so I can hook my system back up properly. Every time I open the gas cap to fill up there's a crazy amount of pressure released unless it's super cold outside. That charcoal canister is there to relieve pressure in the tank.
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