TD05-16G madness! Can someone help explain?

That spinning thing that makes all of the cool noises. OE and Aftermarket.

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TD05-16G madness! Can someone help explain?

Post by turboleg »

Since it seems I have nearly 10 sets of everything for my cars, I figures I would start upgrading my 93 while the 91 project is in the works. The 93 will remain the daily driver, so the power goals are different. After reading a lot about the TD05 I decided this would be a good fit. And thats where the fun started. I began searching for a lightly used TD05 when I began to stumble across all of these new turbos for $300...yeah...I'm a firm believer of the "if it sounds to good to be true...". So it seems there are a million types and manufacturers of different TD05's. What is the proper td05-16g and where are people finding resonably priced good ones? Also, how do you tell the difference between a real TD05-16g and a ebay special?
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Re: TD05-16G madness! Can someone help explain?

Post by alexandermf »

Just be safe and get one that u know came off a wrx, they are all over eBay and Craigslist

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Re: TD05-16G madness! Can someone help explain?

Post by wtdash »

The only TD05 that has the 90 degree inlet/top entry like stock is going to be from a '89-'96(?) WRX/STi from overseas. In '97 they went to the front entry/ inlet under the IM for all future WRX/STi. Subaru also used the VF-series turbos back then too - some had the 90 degree inlet and flowed well. More info on older VF-series turbos HERE.

Since Subaru likely doesn't make those anymore and you'd have to order from overseas anyway, you'll be looking @ used one. The 'real' turbos will have a Subaru part number - LIST.

I've bought 3 from the UK off Ebay. Shipping is $$ but actually CHEAPER w/shipping than a VF39/VF43/VF48, which is a comparable turbo, but is of course the front entry and you'll need to fashion an 90 degree inlet like for the TD04 installs that are common on here.

I've had no issues buying them used, but not all Sellers listed on Ebay UK ( will ship to the US.

I (and many others) had issues w/the cheap TD05/06 turbos on ebay - mine lasted all of 30 days. Go do some research on NASIOC as there may be certain brands that are better than others.

My personal preference would be to get a VF39/43/48 from an '04-current STi. It'll have a little less lag and almost as much top as the TD05...unless you've got DOHC heads. The DOHC heads might be able to take better advantage of the higher-flowing TD05.

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Re: TD05-16G madness! Can someone help explain?

Post by Dave_J »

Yeah, a miss matched turbo from a different application can be fab'ed up but there are 4 pipes, 2 oil lines and 2 cooling lines that all have to be fab'ed up. The 4 or 5 TD05's that I have are all Mitsubishi 4 bolt so the up pipe and down pipe are all wrong as is the inlet and outlet. I think you can get two sorta close.
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