well, I tried..

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well, I tried..

Post by LookAsubie »

Started doing my front mount, 16g, injectors, jecs maf, and robtuned ecu with ignition converter. Tried to get it done by west coast and looks like I'm not gonna make it... Everything is done besides 2 or 3 hoses on the left side of the throttle body that I don't know where the hell they go. Tried starting the car and it won't start. Not getting any spark, I don't know what to do... And I work almost all day tomorrow so I don't think I can get it done. :'( so god damn pissed off its not even funny...
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Re: well, I tried..

Post by Legacy777 »

That sucks, but from my experience it's not worth trying to rush something like that. Hopefully it's something easy and you can get it working, but if not, take your time and try to figure it out.

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