Another BOV que

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Re: Another BOV que

Post by Elcapitan »

Thank you Josh. Noted.
James614, I guess so. Can't see it knowing when so it would prolly just correct for the current condition but not remember.
cj91legss, I can see how that would happen esp after factoring in the aspect Josh added on turbulence (which I hadn't considered before).

Thank you all for your help and contribution. Once I get something going I will get back to you and give you some details. You all have a good one.
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Re: Another BOV que

Post by cj91legss »

No problem. Welcome to the board.
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Re: Another BOV que

Post by free5ty1e »

Doesn't the stock BPV's output already get plumbed back in post-MAF as the air it is recirculating is already metered / accounted for in the system on its' way in?

Been too long since I had the stock BPV on. Been running an HKS SSQV vented to atmosphere for several years. It might have been a contributing factor to my T-bird hybrid turbo's current oil leak... I wonder if I've been damaging the turbo with compressor flutter / surge over the years.
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Re: Another BOV que

Post by James614 »

Yeah, the stock BPV does that. The issue here was trying to fool the ECU into learning how to run atmospheric without going rich between shifts.

I don't see how running atmospheric would damage the turbo. As long as pressure is being relieved, there shouldn't be any compressor surge regardless of where it goes.
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