vf11 or td04?

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vf11 or td04?

Post by ugaucin »

I'm planning on turboing my N/A legacy. But I was wondering what turbo was better. A Vf11 or TD04. Will turboing my N/A harm my engine badly?

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Re: vf11 or td04?

Post by rallyak »

If its n/a, only 3-5 lbs of boost it all it will take with the high compression. There is lots if threads on the conversion and every thing you need to know.

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Re: vf11 or td04?

Post by mike-tracy »

The td04 will be way newer, and have an outlet that modern intercoolers support.
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Re: vf11 or td04?

Post by CAV3MAN227 »

-In my opinion, there's really not much difference. VF11 would probably suit you better for this n/a application.

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Re: vf11 or td04?

Post by wtdash »

ugaucin wrote:I'm planning on turboing my N/A legacy. But I was wondering what turbo was better. A Vf11 or TD04. Will turboing my N/A harm my engine badly?
I'd be more worried if it will harm it 'at all' : -)

RS25.com has a ton of info on this, too, and most use @ least a TD04- BUT for ease of install (no IC plumbing to deal with) and the low boost (5psi on wastegate) the VF11 is a good choice....and even cheaper than TD04's...but may be harder to find a good one.

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Re: vf11 or td04?

Post by Legacy777 »

I know it's be done, but I really don't recommend just slapping a turbo on a non-turbo motor and band-aiding things like added fuel, engine management, etc.

In the long run I think you'd have less frustration and issues if you just swapped in a turbo motor and the added turbo sensors to run the turbo legacy ECU.

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