td04 swap

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td04 swap

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I've searched, but what do I need to do to td04 swap my ej22t in my 94 leg wagon?
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Re: td04 swap

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If you're looking for a step by step write up I don't know if there is one. Can you provide additional information on your engine setup, do you have an intercooler or any other mods?

The main difference between the vf11 and TD04 is the turbo outlet on the TD04 is not clocked at an angle like the vf11 so you will need to come up with a different turbo oulet hose configuration. Additionally, the TD04 does not have the 90 degree turbo inlet that the vf11 has, so again you will need to come up with a hose/piping configuration for that.

There may be some other minor differences, but those are the two biggest challenges. Most people will install an intercooler with the TD04 and that will add complexity with the PCV system and bypass valve.
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