Boost sensor problem/ Where to buy boost sensors

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Boost sensor problem/ Where to buy boost sensors

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I have a 92 tleg and I'm having some problems when I get in to boost. It drives around fine when I'm not in boost but the moment I get in to boost it chokes/chugs/ cuts out. I've already replaced the injectors, maf, and coil pack so it's none of those obvious things. It doesn't struggle to start at all so it doesn't seem like it's the fuel pump, but seems like it may be an air or fuel related problem. The only time it happens is when it's in boost. I can get the rpms up to 4000-5000 just fine as long as it's not in boost with no problem which makes me think it's boost related. Codes 35 42 44 51 are flashing

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Re: Boost sensor problem/ Where to buy boost sensors

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Typically it is recommended to start with the lowest numbered code first, however I would recommend checking the idle switch circuit and the wastegate circuit. Those are more likely to cause issues than the canister purge solenoid.

Have you cleared the codes to see if all those codes come back up? What about running the active diagnostic check with the green connectors?

Here are TPS related tests; the adjustment you want to make is in the third scan. ... sting1.jpg ... sting2.jpg ... sting3.jpg ... g_diag.jpg

Instructions on the wastegate circuit can be found in the 92 factory service manual on my site. You can find out more info in this thread.

I deleted your other thread since this one and that one were about the same issue.
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