Bypass The Compressor For Quicker Spool?

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Re: Bypass The Compressor For Quicker Spool?

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Legacy777 wrote:That's not good! I'd contact ACT as that looks like a material defect or something. I wouldn't think it would break at the power levels you are at.

already did contact them, and i was tuning on a really HEAVILY built engine. so i don't think i'm still at the lower power output i was at. the ACT rep was puzzled and just suggested i do not use unsprung discs anymore.

there's no discoloration of the disc, the pads aren't worn so it didn't fail due to heat or slipping. the center was torn out. and the splines were almost gone.

anyways, just showing what happened when i thought i destroyed my transmission. instead i found this clutch this way.

Image see section called "Dead puppies"

this is a motoiq article about act clutches.

Image ... tches.aspx

anyways it is what it is.
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Re: Bypass The Compressor For Quicker Spool?

Post by Legacy777 » is what it is.
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Re: Bypass The Compressor For Quicker Spool?

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As is...everything. lol
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