Turbo Cooling

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Turbo Cooling

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I am going all original stock ej22t and was wondering if the old style design will be fine when shutting off after hard driving. will the oil in the turbo lines boil? is it worth putting in a pump to circulate oil or coolant?? new to all this and am just worried, any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Brian
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Re: Turbo Cooling

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As long as you have the stock turbo tank running coolant through the turbo, still set up you shouldn't have an issue with cooling. You can run a turbo timer, I am running one however I am not running coolant through my turbo. There is some info on the subject if you dig around. I know it isn't necessary on new cars but regardless. You shouldn't drive balls to the wall and then just shut the car down.
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Re: Turbo Cooling

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To add to what Tony posted, the stock cooling system provides some small amounts of coolant circulation due to convection currents in the coolant. I agree with Tony, don't drive the car hard and immediately shut it off, but for normal driving there shouldn't be a problem.

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