Importing a JDM/EDM or non-North American Legacy

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Importing a JDM/EDM or non-North American Legacy

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I'm going to make this a sticky in the forum, because the Legacy is finally reaching the age in the US that it may be imported (25 years) legally from abroad. The law is different, and shorter, in Canada (15 years).

Please add any relevant information for importing a car into Canada or the United States in this thread. This can include experiences, links, etc.

Importing A Motor Vehicle (US Customs)

Importing A Vehicle (Canada)

Importing Japan’s Forbidden Models (NY Times 2012)


Tyee Imports (BC, Canada)

JDM Ottawa

Right Hand Drive (ONT, Canada) (Some US information)

Japanese Classics (Richmond, VA)

Japan Auto Direct (Tokyo)

Japan Partner (Japan)

J's Garage (Japan)

JDM Legends (Utah)


How To Import JDM Cars To The US (YouTube)
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